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The Shazam! Archives
(1992 Series)
The Shazam! Archives #1
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Title Information:
Published by DC Comics
Published in United States
MFW ID: 44
Issues Published:
1 - 4 (Nov 1992 - May 2004)
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Title Notes:
The original Captain Marvel in THE SHAZAM! ARCHIVES.
Simply by uttering the word "Shazam," boy radio broadcaster Billy Batson was magically transformed into the world's mightiest mortal - the original Captain Marvel.
DC Comics compiles widely-sought stories of one of the most successful and nostalgia- inspiring comics of all time into the hardcover SHAZAM! ARCHIVES. Volume I contains Captain Marvel's earliest adventures from WHIZ COMICS #2-15. The stories reprinted feature the origins of Captain Marvel and his deadliest foe Sivana, their first battles, plus additional Captain Marvel adventures, totalling 15 stories.
Most of these stories have never been reprinted and sell for thousands of dollars in their original form. This elegant volume also contains the first appearances of Captain Marvel as Captain Thunder from the rare "ashcan" editions of FLASH COMICS and THRILL COMICS that few fans have ever seen.
Awareness of Captain Marvel will continue to escalate with the forthcoming release of the all-new graphic novel THE POWER OF SHAZAM! by Jerry Ordway, reintroducing Captain Marvel and planting him firmly in the DC Universe.

THE SHAZAM! ARCHIVES Volume 3 Hardcover.
With one mighty word — “Shazam!” — young Billy Batson becomes the World's Mightiest Mortal! THE SHAZAM! ARCHIVES Volume Three is a 216-page hardcover continuing the early adventures of Captain Marvel — written by C.C. Beck and others, with art by Beck, George Tuska, Mac Raboy and Pete Costanza.

The adventures of Captain Marvel really start hitting their stride in this volume, featring an introduction by movie producer Michael Uslan and reprinting stories from AMERICA'S GREATEST COMICS #1, CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #2 & 3, WHIZ COMICS #21-24 (1941). With the release of the Captain Marvel movie serial, Fawcett Comics began to diversify its top super-hero with a Captain Marvel Club for its readers, merchandise and the comics introduction of characters from the serial.

Volume Three finds the “Big Red Cheese” facing his most nefarious foe, Dr. Sivana, who shrinks poor Billy Batson and the lovely Beautia down to insect size, where they face a myriad of microscopic menaces! Sivana also returns in a second tale with a mysterious paralyzing gas to confound our hero, and, just for good measure, a third story as the brains behind a primitive foe that goes by the name of the Beast Ruler. But that's not all! This volume also contains the very first appearance of the Three Lieutenants Marvel and the comics introduction of Whitey Murphy (from the movie serial). Plus, Captain Marvel confronts the menace of a ship-scuttling saboteur, intrigue in a temple in Central America, spies at our nation's capital, ocean-going saboteurs, invading spider-men from Mars, pirates, arsonists, and more! As a bonus, a 2-page text piece is included which was the first installment of a prose adaptation of the serial The Adventures of Captain Marvel.

THE SHAZAM ARCHIVES! Vol. 4 Hardcover.
All it takes is a single magic word…

Get ready for SHAZAM! ARCHIVES VOL. 4, a stunning new hardcover archive collecting the classic CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #4 and #5, plus stories from MASTER COMICS #21 and #22, WHIZ #25 and AMERICA'S GREATEST COMICS #2, featuring the work of William Woolfolk, Mac Raboy, C.C. Beck, and more!

In the early 1940s, the success of Fawcett's Captain Marvel began to rival that of Superman - The World's Mightiest Mortal had become a super-hero to reckon with. And with that popularity came deeper mythology and new characters such as Captain Marvel, Jr., and the Lieutenants Marvel, both of whom appear in this volume, along with a guest appearance by Bulletman.

THE SHAZAM! ARCHIVES VOL. 4 follows this development of the legend of Captain Marvel and features page after page of classic art. Also included in this volume is an insightful introduction by Fawcett Comics authority P.C. Hamerlinck.

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