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Marvel Family Villain
Alter Ego:George Tweedle
Height:6' as Arson Fiend
5' 5" as George Tweedle
Weight:155 lb. as Arson Fiend
195 lb. as George Tweedl
Hair:Black as Arson Fiend
White as George Tweedle

Base of Operations:Pre-Crisis: New York City
Post-Crisis: Fawcett City

Notable Powers:Abilty to start a fire with his touch.
First Appearance:
Captain Marvel Adventures #2
Captain Marvel Adventures #2
(Jun 1941)

[Captain Marvel and the Arson Fiend]

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Power of Shazam! #33

The Power of Shazam! #33
(Dec 1997)

Yeah--This is a Face Only a Mother Could Love…

Fire Insurance salesman George Tweedle hit upon a perfect way to get his customers to buy fire insurance -- he used extortion. Tweedle inverted a portion, much like the famous Dr. Jeckyl, that when ingested turned him into the super-powered Arson Fiend.
Engulfed in flames, the Arson Fiend would use his power to burn down the buildings of anyone who refused Tweedle's insurance.
The Arson Fiend spied one of Billy's transformations into Captain Marvel and at an oportune moment, Tweedle captured and gagged the lad with the intent of burning him to death in a house fire. Billy escaped and battled the Fiend on top of an oil company's tank. When the tank exploded, Captain Marvel survived but the same could not be said of the Arson Fiend as the badly burnt body of George Tweedle was found later.


The Arson Fiend returned a few times to plague Captain Marvel
The Arson Fiend has
• 3 appearances
• 6 appearances including reprints
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