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Alter Ego:Roger Winkle
Weight:275 lb.

Notable Powers:Ability to separate his body parts and control them; Laser-beam eyes; Radar Ears; Computer-like brain
First Appearance:
Captain Marvel #1
Captain Marvel #1
(Apr 1966)

Introducing the All-New Captain Marvel

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Captain Marvel #4

Captain Marvel #4
(Nov 1966)

Captain Marvel and Tinyman, Assistant D.A.
Notice the similarity between the names Billy Baxton and Billy Batson.

It's interesting how Carl Burgos blended the origins of the original Human Torch and Captain Marvel to come up with this new and unique vision.

Roger Winkle, professor of archaeology at Dartmoor College and a robot, has but to utter the word "Split" and his various body parts separate.
Roger was sent to Earth to promote and preserve peace. When Roger becomes Captain Marvel by saying "Split", his various body parts dis-joint but are still under his mental control. When Captain Marvel says "Xam" the various body parts re-link. As Captain Marvel, Roger wears a uniform that includes jet boots and an amulet which energizes him. If his amulet is removed, he becomes immobile after a short while. His other weakness is that he cannot control his other body parts if glass comes between them and his head.
Roger takes young Billy Baxton as his ward and confidant. Roger's platonic girlfriend is Linda Knowles, daughter of the president of the college.
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Captain Marvel II has
• 21 appearances
• 21 appearances including reprints
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