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Fawcett Hero
Alter Ego:
Height:6' 2"
Weight:200 lb.

Base of Operations:The highest mountain peak on Earth.

Notable Powers:
  • super-strength
  • super-speed
  • giant jumps
  • limited invulnerability
First Appearance:
Master Comics #1
Master Comics #1
(Mar 1940)

[The Origin of Master Man]

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Master Comics #6

Master Comics #6
(Sep 1940)

The Living Death
Master Man got off to a rocky start. Once National saw how similar Master Man was to Superman, the company threatened litigation. Fawcett Publications dropped Master Man after the first six issues of Master Comics.


Master Man keeps an eye out for trouble! A wise old doctor gave pity to a weak young boy. The physician imbued the boy with super-powers by giving the lad a magic capsule full of special vitamins. After swallowing the capsule, the boy possesed the power of every energy source known to man. Thus was born Master Man — “The Wonder of the World”!

The mysterious Master Man was the guardian of the world. He scanned for crime, war and disaster from the highest mountain peak on Earth. Master Man's fantastic Troublescope contained powerful lenses that could scan the entire globe. Using his mighty powers: super-strength, the abilty to leap great distances, super-speed and near-invulnerability Master Man made short work of the trouble he sought out. Unlike other super-heroes, Master Man had no secret identity and simply maintained a monitor-like watch of the globe. Master Man fought several dastardly villains including Nazi airmen as well as a strange foe — The Living Death — a skeleton-like creature who embarked on a life of crime.

Master Man shows off his impressive speed! Master Man's adventures were short-lived and he was only seen near the beginning of the United States's entry into World War II. Presumably, once he saw how many other costumed heroes were taking up the call, he retired to his mountain fortress.


Master Man has yet to make an appearance in the DC Universe — either pre or post-Crisis.

Where can I get the comics?

Master Man appeared in the first six issues of Master Comics. With luck, you'll see them show up on eBay.

Master Man has
• 6 appearances
• 6 appearances including reprints
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