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Marvel Family Hero
Alter Ego:Freddy Freeman
Height:5' 6"
Weight:145 lb.

Base of Operations:Fawcett City

Affiliations:The Marvel Family
Teen Titans
Pre-Crisis Affiliations:The Marvel Family
Crime Crusaders Club

Notable Powers:
Solomon: Wisdom
Hercules: Strength
Atlas: Stamina
Zeus: Power
Achilles: Courage
Mercury: Speed
First Appearance:
Whiz Comics #25
Whiz Comics #25
(Dec 1941)

[The Origin of Captain Marvel Jr.]

First Earth-S Appearance:
Shazam! #1
Shazam! #1
(Feb 1973)

The World's Wickedest Plan

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Countdown #45

Countdown #45
(Aug 2007)

History of the Multiverse - Chapter Five
Freddy is the only super-hero who can't say his own name. He shares this disability with the evil Ibac and the sinister Sabbac!
Freddy Freeman and Kid Eternity were revealed to be brothers in the Pre-Crisis DC Universe. Although Christopher "Kit" Freeman has appeared in the Post-Crisis DCU, it has not been established if they are still brothers.

Captain Nazi cripples Freddy Freeman!Freddy Freeman was out fishing with this grandfather when they were both brutally attacked by the evil Captain Nazi. Freddy's grandfather was killed by Nazi and Freddy was crippled and left for dead. Captain Marvel discovered the young boy, barely alive, and flew him to a hospital. The doctors and nurses told the mighty Captain that Freddy was crippled for life.
Taking pity on Freddy, Captain Marvel flew Freddy to Shazam's throne room and begged the ancient wizard for help. Shazam told Marvel that although he couldn't repair Freddy's damaged body, Marvel could pass some of his powers onto Freddy. Captain Marvel agreed and when Freddy woke up and saw his hero, he whispered "Captain Marvel." In a burst of magic lightning Freddy was transformed into the World's Mightiest Boy... Captain Marvel, Jr.
Freddy Freeman becomes Captain Marvel, Jr. for the first time!
Freddy made a living by running a corner newsstand. He also lived in a boarding house run by Mrs. Wagner. Freddy became friendly with the other boarders including Officer Jim Bellows and Red O'Reilly. Billy and Mary Batson eventually became boarders there as well.
Freddy had many adventures as Captain Marvel, Jr. but was eventually trapped by the evil Dr. Sivana in a sphere of Suspendium. This Suspendium trapped Captain Marvel Jr., his friends, and the evil Sivanas in suspended animation for twenty years!
After the Suspendium wore off, Freddy resumed his job selling newspapers and spent a bit of time with Prof. Edgewise, a kindly old scientist whose inventions often got him in trouble.


In the newly-formed DC Universe, Freddy's origin was nearly the same. One of the big differences was that Captain Nazi had been in suspended animation since the war. In Nazi's newly revived state, he came across Freddy fishing with his grandfather and for the first time and like the Pre-Crisis meeting killed Freddy's grandfather and crippled Freddy. This time, however, both Captain and Mary Marvel took Freddy to see Shazam. And with Shazam's blessing, Cap and Mary gave Freddy a portion of their power!
Junior joins the Teen Titans!
Freddy joined a new group of heroes who took on the name of the Teen Titans. This new group led by a de-aged Atom consisted of Risk, Joto, Prysm and Argent. Freddy was immediately attracted to the beautiful Argent but had a disasterous date with her when he failed to bring enough money to cover the night out.
Freddy briefly visited the Outsiders as he helped them battle a new version of his old nemesis, Sabbac. This newer, more deadly version of Sabbac caught Freddy off-guard but together with the Outsiders, he was able to foil the villain's plans!
A future version of Captain Marvel, sans the "Junior," was recently seen with the Teen Titans East. He was, unfortunately, defeated by a grown-up Tim Drake as Batman. Drake had secretly recorded Captain Marvel saying his magic word and was able to play it back during battle incapacitating the depowered Freddy!
Captain Marvel, Jr. has
• 246 appearances
• 342 appearances including reprints
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