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Alter Ego:Willie Fawcett
Height:6' 2" (as Cap)
5' 4" (as Willie)
Weight:215 lb. (as Cap)
110 lb. (as Willie)

Base of Operations:Mid-Town on Earth-F (Fauxcett)

Notable Powers:Captain Thunder's mystical belt grants him the following powers:
Tornado - Power
Hare - Speed
Uncus - Bravery
Nature - Wisdom
Diamond - Toughness
Eagle - Flight
Ram - Tenacity
First Appearance:
Superman #276
Superman #276
(Jun 1974)

Make Way for Captain Thunder!

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Superman #276

Superman #276
(Jun 1974)

Make Way for Captain Thunder!
The Captain Thunder story that appeared in issue 276 of Superman was to originally feature the first team-up between Superman and Captain Marvel. DC pulled the story and replaced it with this pastiche because they weren't ready to run the story. Presumably, they were geering up for the All-New Collector's Edition of Superman Vs. Shazam! that ran a couple of years later.

Roy Thomas later used the name Captain Thunder for his own creator-owned series Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt published by Hero Comics in 1987 through 1988.

Superman's Full Nelson stymies the powerful Captain Thunder!When Willie Fawcett rubs his mystical Indian belt buckle and shouts "Thunder" -- a thundering "Sha-Boom" and a magical starburst transforms him into Captain Thunder -- a super-hero from an alternate DC dimension. Captain Thunder was given his belt of power from Merokee, last of the great medicine men of the Mohegan tribe.
Captain Thunder
Captain Thunder II has
• 1 appearances
• 3 appearances including reprints
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