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DC Neo-Fawcett Hero
Alter Ego:Alix Harrower
Height:5' 10"
Weight:210 lb.

Base of Operations:New York City

Affiliations:Seven Soldiers

Notable Powers:Indestructible Steel Skin
First Appearance:
Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1
Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1
(Jan 2006)

Ballistic: How the Bulleteer Began

Last Cataloged Appearance:
52 #24

52 #24
(Dec 2006)

Just Imagine

Lance Harrower developed a coating he named SmartSkin™ in an attempt to convince his wife, Alix, to join him in his desire to become a superhero. Alix was not persuaded by his argumentand in a fit of desperation Lance tried his coating on himself. Unfortunately the SmartSkin covered Lance in an indestructible sheath of silver but it also constricted his lungs. Hearing her husband's cry of pain, Alix called an ambulance for help but not before being infected with the coating herself. Although the SmartSkin killed her husband, Alix survived and with her indestructible skin has taken up the mantle of the original Bulletman and Bulletgirl by becoming Bulleteer!
Bulleteer has
• 5 appearances
• 5 appearances including reprints
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