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Alter Ego:Bennie David
Height:6' as Son-O-God
5'9" as Bennie
Weight:195 lb. as Son-O-God
145 lbs as Bennie
Hair:Light Brown with beard as Son-O-God
Black as Be
Eyes:Blue as Son-O-God

Base of Operations:Mobile as Son-O-God
Brooklyn, NY as Bennie
First Appearance:
National Lampoon #22
National Lampoon #22
(Jan 1972)

Son-O'-God in "What Mad Apocalypse?"

Last Cataloged Appearance:
National Lampoon #57

National Lampoon #57
(Dec 1974)

Son-O'-God in A Savior is Born!

When Bennie David takes the Name (not in vain) and says Jee-zuz, he is transfigured into Son-O´-God!
Son-O'-God fights the never-ending battle for White Protestant supremacy over the evil Holy Roman Church. His arch-enemy is Antichrist (the secret Pope of the Vatican). Son-O'God has also mixed it up with the Scarlet Woman of Babylon and The Grand Inquisitor.
Son-O'-God is often bested in battle where he reverts to his mortal form of nebbish Bennie David. But with the help of his twelve disciples, Son-O'-God is resurrected when Bennie shouts the Name... Jee-zuz!
The Prince of Sorrows is often accompanied by his faithful dove, H.G. In fact, it seems H.G. was responsible for Bennie's conception.
Son-O'-God also had a brief meet up with the heir apparent to George E. Jessel, Zimmerman! The Spirit of Crass Chutzpah and the Robed Redeemer looked liked they were about to square off!

Disclaimer: The superhero Son-O´-God was created by National Lampoon to offend many religious groups as well as serve as a parody of the real Jesus Christ. The character is included here due to its literary pastiche of Captain Marvel.
Son-O'-God has
• 5 appearances
• 5 appearances including reprints
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