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Alter Ego:Billy Batson
Height:6' 2" (as Cap)
5' 4" (as Billy)
Weight:215 lb. (as Billy)
110 lb. (as Billy)
Hair:Red-tinged Black

Base of Operations:Fawcett City

Notable Powers:When Captain Thunder's says the magic word, Shazam!, he is granted the following powers:
Solomon - Wisdom
Hercules - Strength
Atlas - Stamina
Zeus - Power
Achilles - Courage
Mercury - Speed
Jerry Ordway, who wrote and painted the covers for THE POWER OF SHAZAM! comic book, inked this promotional piece of artwork.

When Billy Batson speaks the name of the ancient wizard Shazam -- he is transformed into Captain Thunder -- the World's Mightiest Mortal of Earth-One. At least that's what the proposal said of about this updating of the Captain Marvel character.
Captain Thunder
Captain Thunder III has
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