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Marvel Family Villain
Alter Ego:Ishmael Gregor
Height:6' 6"
Weight:320 lb.

Notable Powers:
Flame Breath
First Appearance:
Outsiders #8
Outsiders #8
(Mar 2004)

Devil's Work

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Outsiders #43

Outsiders #43
(Feb 2007)

Mad Scientists - Finale: The Man Behind The Curtain

Russian mobster, Ishmael Gregor, dreamed of becoming the most powerful crime boss in New York. Gregor tracked down the original Sabbac, Timothy Karnes. Gregor gained the Sabbac powers when he, apparently, killed Karnes during a mystic ceremony. Gregor's Sabbac powers manifested quite a bit differently than Karnes. Gregor's appearance changed into that of hirsute red-skinned demon. Gregor also found that the transformation bestowed on him the power of flight, super-strength and a fiery demon-breath.
The Outsiders, a super-hero group, battled Gregor with the aid of the original Sabbac's foil, Captain Marvel, Jr. Sabbac's coven were able to unleash a hellish horde of demonsvia a mystic portal to battle the Outsiders. The Outsiders ultimately triumphed when Sabbac was sucked into the closing portal and he was not been heard from since.
Sabbac II has
• 5 appearances
• 5 appearances including reprints
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