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Fawcett Filler Star
Alter Ego:
Height:5' 11"
Weight:195 lb.

Base of Operations:Gazabo Gazette

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Marvel Family #89

The Marvel Family #89
(Jan 1954)

Headline Harry - "If the Shoe Fits!"

“Headline” Harry is the lead and, most likely, only reporter for the Gazabo Gazette, a local newspaper for the citizens of Gazabo, a suburb of Fawcett City. Harry is an inept reporter who is barely tolerated by his boss, E.P. Grumpe. Most of Harry’s stories fall into his lap rather than through actual legwork. It is through this serendipity that Harry is able to keep his job.
HeadLine Harry has
• 28 appearances
• 29 appearances including reprints
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