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Marvel Family Supporting Cast
Alter Ego:
Weight:1 ton
Eyes:Light bulbs

Base of Operations:Fawcett City
First Appearance:
Captain Marvel Adventures #125
Captain Marvel Adventures #125
(Oct 1951)

Captain Marvel and the Mechanical Man of Mystery

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Captain Marvel Adventures #129

Captain Marvel Adventures #129
(Feb 1952)

Captain Marvel and the Robot Hunt

When Sterling Morris and Billy Batson placed a Help Wanted ad for a new man at Station W.H.I.Z., they were very surprised when a robot applied for the job. Timmy Tinkle, the robot, was the invention of Ivan Derook. Derook released Tinkle from servitude so that the robot could have his freedom and get a job. After a series of daring robberies, Captain Marvel caught Timmy Tinkle red-handed breaking into a safe. Thinking that the robot had turned evil, Cap clobbered the robot into submission. While dismantling Tinkle, Cap discovered a remote control device inside the robot and decided to leave it on to see what happened. Cap followed Timmy back to Derook's lab where he discovered that Derook had been using Timmy to commit robberies. Cap captured Derook and disconnected Timmy's remote control. Now completely free, Tinkle continued to work at Station W.H.I.Z.
Timmy Tinkle has
• 2 appearances
• 3 appearances including reprints
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