Captain Marvel Wannabees

The One, True, Original Captain Marvel This page is devoted to the various sundry characters who try to emulate, are inspired by, parody, or just plain take the name of the one, the only, the original Captain Marvel.

They are presented here in chronological order.

Captain Marbles | Marvelman | The Mighty Thor | Captain Marvel - Split! | Fatman, The Human Flying Saucer | Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) | Captain Thunder | Captain Marvel | Captain Thunder | Miracleman | Mighty Man | Prime | Captain Marvel | Captain Marvel

Captain Marbles Captain Marbles
Parody of Captain Marvel by Harvey Kurtzman and Wally Wood
Published by: EC Comics
First Appearance: Mad #4 - April-May, 1953
Secret Identity: Billy Spafon
When Billy Spafon speaks the name "Shazoom" -- he is transformed into a parody of the World's Mightiest Mortal -- Captain Marbles! Captain Marbles gains his power from the following sources:

Ox, power of
Ox, power of another

Captain Marbles fought Superduperman in a parody of the court battle between DC Comics and Fawcett Publications over the similarity between Superman and Captain Marvel.

Marvelman Marvelman
Adapted from Captain Marvel by Mick Anglo Studios
Published by: L. Miller & Son (England)
First Appearance: Marvelman #25 - April, 1954 (formerly Captain Marvel Adventures)
First Modern Appearance: Warrior #1, 1984 (Quality Publications)
Secret Identity: Mickey Moran
Mickey Moran, copyboy for The Daily Bugle, has but to speak the magic word "Kimota" and he is transformed into the "Mightiest Man in the Universe," Marvelman!

Fawcett Publications had licensed the use Captain Marvel and the members of his family to the L. Miller and Son company of Great Britain. L. Miller repackaged and reprinted the American Captain Marvel and Marvel Family stories. When Fawcett suddenly ceased its comic book line in 1954, L. Miller decided to redraw the Marvel Family stories they had in stock by transforming Captain Marvel into a new character called Marvelman. The architect behind Marvelman was Mick Anglo and his stable of artists.

Other Marvel Family members were also transformed into Marvelman Family members. Captain Marvel, Jr. became Young Marvelman. And in the strangest twist Mary Marvel become the male Kid Marvelman. Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana became the evil Dr. Emil Gargunza.

Marvelman's adventures lasted until 1964. In 1982, Marvelman was revived by Quality Publications in their flagship title Warriors. The redesign was crafted by Alan Moore and Garry Leach. Eclipse Comics licensed the use of the character for publication in the United States where Marvelman was renamed Miracleman.

In my opinion, Mick Anglo's Marvelman came the closest to matching Fawcett's Captain Marvel in charm, wit, and humor.

Additional Source: Miracleman #1 and Miracleman #2

The Mighty Thor The Mighty Thor
Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Published by: Marvel Comics
First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83, 1962
Secret Identity: Donald Blake
When lame doctor Donald Blake strikes his cane on the ground he is transformed into the Norse god of Thunder, The Mighty Thor.

During a vacation in Norway, Donald Blake hides in a cave while fleeing aliens from outer space. Wow, what a vacation. While in the cave Donald discovers a wooden cane. When the cane fails to help him dislodge a boulder in his path he strikes it on the ground in frustration. He is immediately transformed into the Norse god of Thunder -- The Mighty Thor!

Thor's adventures were chronicled by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and Thor became one of Marvel's flagship character's.

However, if you think about it, The Mighty Thor is a thinly veiled copy of Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. Donald Blake is lame like Freddy Freeman. When Don strikes the cane against the ground light or lightning transforms him into Thor. Thor is the god of Thunder and Lightning. Yet, it was the rich, but cobbled addition of Norse mythology that distinguished Thor from Cap.

™ and Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel - Split! Captain Marvel
Created by Carl Burgos
Published by: M.F. Enterprises
First Appearance: Captain Marvel #1 - April, 1966
Secret Identity: Roger Winkle