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Golden Books has released a series of coloring and activity books featuring several of DC's heroes under the banner DC Comics Super Heroes. Featured heroes include Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Supergirl, The Atom, Hawkman, and Plastic Man. Villains include: The Riddler, Catwoman, Mongul (interestingly enough), Dr. Sivana, The Joker, and Black Adam.

At least four of these coloring and activity books have been released and are a must have for any serious Captain Marvel collector. Captain Marvel is featured in all of them and Dr. Sivana and Black Adam show up too! The books range in price from $1.49 US to $1.95 US. If you like the animated style of the Batman and Robin animated series or the Superman animated or even DC Comics' Batman and Robin Adventures, Superman Adventures or Adventures in the DC Universe comic books, you're certain to like these.

The December 1996 edition of Diamond's Previews solicited at least two other Golden Book releases due for release during the month of March, 1997 titled DC Comics Super-Heroes: Attack of the Robot Book & Tattoos (ISBN: 0-307-13071-1) and DC Comics Super-Heroes: Sticker Fun (ISBN: 0-307-08508-2). I hope both Golden Books keeps publishing new editions in this series featuring the DC Heroes, for as much as I like Batman, Robin, and Superman, DC has many other characters it can license. I'd really like to see comic retailers stock these kinds of items. It's my humble opinion that these items will draw in visitors and not chase them away like some other merchandise can.

ISBN: 0-307-02436-9

ISBN: 0-307-08439-6

ISBN: 0-307-08276-8

ISBN: 0-307-03414-3

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