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The Power of Shazam! Hardcover #1
Mar 1994 • DC Comics • $19.95 • Hardcover • 96 pgs.
On Sale Tuesday, January 11, 1994
The Power of Shazam! Hardcover #1 Cover Credits
Jerry Ordway
Jerry Ordway
  1. The Power of Shazam!
Item Solicitation
The long-awaited, triumphant return of the one, true, original Captain Marvel is presented in a gorgeous hardcover graphic novel, returning him to prominence in the DC Universe! Written and sumptuously painted by Jerry Ordway, one of the architects of Superman's return to greatness, Captain Marvel's origon and first adventure are retold for a modern audience, with startling new details and amazing insights into the history of the World's Mightiest Mortal. Longtime comics fans and new readers will surely treasure this remarkable work for years to come!

1. The Power of Shazam! (94 pages)
Jerry Ordway
Jerry Ordway
Jerry Ordway
Mike Carlin

Charles and Marilyn Batson, archeologists, along with their partner Theo Adam discover the tomb of the ancient wizard Shazam in the temple of Rameses II at Abu Simbel, Egypt. Theo Adam murders C.C. and Marilyn Batson and kidnaps their young daughter Mary. The Batson's other child, Billy, is orphaned on the streets of Fawcett City. Billy is led by a mysterious figure into an abandoned subway tunnel for a trip to the Rock of Eternity where he meets Shazam. Shazam bestows upon Billy the power of six ancient gods.
Story Notes

Jerry Ordway reintroduced Captain Marvel to the DC Universe. This was an exceptional story that not only honored the character but updated him to survive in the modern comics world.
Cast List

Reprinted in THE POWER OF SHAZAM! SOFTCOVER #1 - Feb 1995 (DC Comics)
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