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DC Special #21
May 1976 • DC Comics • 50¢ • Comic Book • N/A
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DC Special #21 Cover Credits
Ernie Chua
Ernie Chua

1. The Marvel Family Reaches Eternity (11 pages)
Otto O. Binder
Pete Costanza
Pete Costanza
Bob Ottum

A crook attempts to sell the Ancient Book of Shazam to a book dealer. Billy Batson happens to be in the store at the same time, notices the book, transforms into Captain Marvel and captures the crook. Billy meets up with Mary Batson and Freddy Freeman. Billy, Mary and Freddy enter the familiar subway station to visit Shazam in his earthly headquarters. Returning the book to the side of Shazam's throne they try to summon Shazam by lighting the mystical brazier. When Shazam fails to appear Billy, Mary and Freddy learn of the Rock of Eternity, where Shazam records the history of The Marvel Family, from Shazam's book. Only by traveling at the speed of light can anyone reach the Rock of Eternity, so Billy Mary and Freddy transform into Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. At the Rock of Eternity, Shazam notices that the Rock is shaking and quivering. The base splits open to reveal Evil! Evil had long ago been imprisoned in the Rock. Now free, Evil splits into his three forms: Sin, Terror and Wickedness. All three look like furry bear demons. Suddenly, The Marvel Family arrives at the Rock to do battle with Evil. After an exhaustive battle, The Marvel Family overcomes Evil and with Shazam's help again imprison Evil under the Rock of Eternity. Shazam displays his inscriptions of the Marvel Family's deeds to them and they are honored. As the story closes, Shazam is seen inscribing this newest adventure of The Marvel Family on the Rock.
Story Notes

The Marvel Family first learn of and travel to the Rock of Eternity in this issue! This issue also features the first appearance of Evil: Sin, Terror, and Wickedness!
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