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Alter Ego #45
Feb 2005 • TwoMorrows • $5.95 • Magazine • 100 pgs.
On Sale Wednesday, February 9, 2005
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ALTER EGO #45 features CREIG FLESSEL, BERT CHRISTMAN, and THE GOLDEN AGE SANDMAN! ALL THIS, AND MICHAEL CHABON, TOO! Behind a brand new full-color Sandman cover, painted by CREIG FLESSEL, there’s: 1930s-40s artist CREIG FLESSEL—one of DC’s earliest illustrators, and artist of the original “Sandman”—interviewed by JIM AMASH about the Golden and Platinum Ages (featuring rare and vintage art by JACK COLE, JOE SHUSTER, SHELLY MAYER, FRED GUARDINEER, CHAD GROTHKOPF, BILL ELY, GILL FOX, and other early comics talents)! 1940s writer/artist/creator BERT CHRISTMAN—in-depth coverage by DAVE ARMSTRONG, with never-before-seen photos and art, from “Sandman” to the Flying Tigers! MICHAEL CHABON, creator of The Escapist and Luna Moth, tells ROY THOMAS about researching his 2000 Pulitzer-winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay—with art by WILL EISNER, GIL KANE, JACK KIRBY, DICK AYERS, MART NODELL, and SHELLY MOLDOFF! PLUS: FCA with MARC SWAYZE, C.C. BECK, plus OTTO BINDER’s “lost” Jon Jarl story—MICHAEL T. GILBERT and Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt—BILL SCHELLY on comics fandom—ALEX TOTH on whatever he feels like talking about—and MORE!!

1. FCA #104 Cover (1 page)
C. C. Beck
C. C. Beck

2. We Didn't Know… It Was The Golden Age! (3 pages)
Marc Swayze
Marc Swayze
Marc Swayze
P. C. Hamerlinck

3. The "Lost" Jon Jarl Story (3 pages)
Otto O. Binder
Bill Schelly
P. C. Hamerlinck

4. The Great Heroes Were All Losers (1 page)
C. C. Beck
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