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Club El Bianco
WELCOME is an old, old word — — and a fine one.
We can think of no better way of saying how pleased
we are to have you as our guest — — to serve you
well prepared food and the finest of drinks. And
so we say, “You are always welcome here — — always.”
BIANCO’S FIESTA DINNERS are a Gourmet’s Delight,
served in a manner befitting festive royalty of old.
Each and every course is a revelation, enhanced with
recipes handed down through the ages, and brought to you...
“ŕ la BIANCO”
Club El Bianco - main dining room and bar
Club El Bianco's Main Dining Room and Bar circa the late 1950s
*     *     *     *     *
Club El Bianco was located on Chicago's historic
southwest side at 2747 W. 63rd Street which is
now home to Lalos Restaurant

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since January 12, 2006

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