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The Secrets of Isis

Episode Guide

Executive Producers: Norm Prescott, Lou Scheimer
The Mighty Isis


  1. Lights of the Mountain Moon
  2. Spots of the Leopard
  3. Fool's Dare
  4. The Sound of Silence
  5. Rockhound's Robot
  6. Lucky
  7. Bigfoot
  8. To Find a Friend
  9. The Show Off
  10. The Outsider
  11. The Funny Girl - Crossover with Shazam!
  12. Girl Driver
  13. Scuba Duba
  14. Dreams of Flight
  15. No Drums, No Trumpets
  16. The Seeing-Eye Horse
  17. The Hitchhikers
  18. The Cheerleader
  19. The Class Clown
  20. Year of the Dragon
  21. Now You See It...
  22. ...And Now You Don't - Crossover with Shazam!
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