The appeal of Captain Marvel isn't limited to the comics page. The Potpourri section is home to just about everything that didn't fit anywhere else!

The Martin L. Greim Collection
Famous Marvel Family fan Martin L. Greim shares his Marvel Family collection through a series of photographs and text.
Several fans have made and worn their own Marvel Family costumes. Check out the costumes of Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel, Jr.!
Casting Call
Shazam!: The Movie has been optioned by Newline Cinema. Who should play the Marvel Family? Here are my suggestions!!
Cap has inspired a lot of other heroes... here's the list from the early days of the Marvel Family Web!!
Cap Meets Bone
Check out Pete Krause's precognition!
Amalgam Comics Trading Cards
Take a ganger at the Amalgam Universe Captain Marvel!
Power of Shazam! Amusement Park Ride
It's hard to believe but Cap has his own ride! Check out some fans photos.
Shazam!: Power of Hope
I ran this article to promote the Shazam!: Power of Hope over-sized painted comic book by Paul Dini and Alex Ross.
Shazam!: Power of Hope - Make-A-Wish Auction
Alex Ross donated the sale of Shazam!: Power of Hope art to the Make-A-Wish foundation and I was at the gallery showing.
Mister Mind's Code
When Mister Mind returned to the DC Universe in Power of Shazam he had his owen language that readers had to translate. Here's the code card and the translations!
DC Comics Super Heroes Golden Books
Golden Books came out with a series of coloring and activity books that featured Captain Marvel and Black Adam.
Shazam! House Ads
Here are some house ads that DC Comics ran for Shazam! and The Power of Shazam!
All In Color For a Dime
This is the book that turned me onto Captain Marvel!
Captain Marvel Club Card
Back in the 1940s kids could decode Captain Marvel's secret messages using this card.