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Black Adam Figurine Coming from Eaglemoss!
Black Adam Figurine Coming from Eaglemoss! border=
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Black Adam figurine #29Eaglemoss Publications Ltd. is about to release a tidal wave of DC Universe figurines from across The Pond! With their third set of figurines, solicited in the January 2009 Previews magazine, Eaglemoss's DC Comics Super Hero Collection figurine magazine features DC uber-villain, or anti-hero if you prefer, Black Adam! And he'll be the first Marvel Family figurine to hit the US market. But everyone's favorite Big Red Cheese is not far behind! In fact, Cap would've been released first had Eaglemoss not solicited a special villain wave. The wave also includes Deathstroke and Sinestro. Don't worry, though — you won't have to buy those two evil-doers if you just want to get your hands on Black Adam! Eaglemoss claims that the figurines release 3 months from the typical release month, so that should put the figurine in shops around April, 2009. Captain Marvel figurine #15Also solicited in the Jan 2009 previews are Green Arrow (figurine #7) and Wonder Woman (figurine #8). But a quick check of Eaglemoss's DC Comics Super Hero Collection website lists the Captain Marvel figure as #15, so it'll be only a few short months until he pops up in Previews! The standard figurines (with magazine) retail for $14.00 but you should preorder them through your local comics retailer if you want to be sure to get one — or two!

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