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Is Freddy Back in Blue?
Is Freddy Back in Blue? border=
Friday, September 26, 2008
The current issue of Previews, #241, contains a full page display ad for Wizard #207 featuring James Robinson's and Mauro Cascioli's upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE book. The team's lineup includes Starman, Green Arrow, Batwoman, Green Lantern, the All New Atom, Congorilla, and Supergirl. What's remarkable about the ad is that it also features team member Freddy Freeman, the former Captain Marvel Junior and the current Shazam, back in his old blue uniform albeit with a white cape. It's too early to tell if this is a miscoloring, so we'll have to wait and see until JUSTICE LEAGUE, itself, is released. It wouldn't be the first time that DC has miscolored a Marvel Family member: when DC originally solicited FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, the cover showed Mary Marvel in her original red costume but by the time the issue was released, she was back in her then current white uniform. If Freddy is indeed back in his blue uniform, what does this mean for Marvel, the former Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel? Only time will tell!

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